10 Plants for Gardens with Alkaline Soil


Lo & Behold’Blue Chip ‘is a mini butterfly bush (buddleia)that rarely

needs more than light cutting. Like most buddleias, it can tolerate alkaline soils. If your planting site is too acidic, butterfly bushes will reveal their annoyance by producing yellow or undersized & leaves; in some cases leaf margins may look wavy or curled. Applying ground lime will help. You may likewise consider planting near a driveway or other concrete structure. As rain washes lime out of the concrete, the soil around it often becomes more alkaline.Boston Ivy Boston ivy and its relative, Virginia climber, choose alkaline soils. Both vines handle dazzling, show-shopping colors in fall, especially when they’re grown in full sun. But both grow strongly and can be difficult to eliminate from walls and other structures. They can in fact trigger damage, so be careful where you plant them

. Honeysuckle and winter jasmine are other vines that will grow in a slightly alkaline garden or landscape.


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