Home Town Season-2 Premiere + Some Other Big News


So our favorite small-town heroes, Ben and Erin Napier, are back for a brand-new season assisting residents and beginners in their cherished house town of Laurel discover and develop their perfect homes– and all with that timeless Home Town Southern visual. Fantastic news? We believe so. We’ve been waiting for months for a fresh assisting of House Town. The season best is only part of the story.

Back in October we brought you the news of a upcoming brand-new addition to the Napier family. And just today, the big news broke. On Wednesday morning Erin and Ben welcomed their baby lady, Helen, to the world. Find out more about Baby Helen’s arrival here.”She appeared 2 weeks early,” said Erin, “however I believe it’s much better that method because I got a great night’s sleep before hurrying to the healthcare facility. I know as we got closer to the wedding day I would’ve been too anxious to sleep. Her dark blonde hair amazed everybody banking on Ben’s red beard.”

What a fantastic method to start 2018. When once again, we provide Erin and Ben (and now Helen) our most heartfelt congratulations.Banquette Dreams, Porch Swings and a Treatment for Homesickness Now, where were we? Oh yes, about that season best. In Home Town’s very first brand-new episode, Ben and Erin help Laurel beginners Mackenzie and Jim in their shift from their Virginia the home of their brand-new home in southern Mississippi. The couple has moved numerous times and aspire to put down roots and regain a local color and permanence. They’re looking for a house with classic appeal and Mackenzie longs specifically for a fantastic cooking area that will work as the heart of the house and evoke memories of her household and your house she grew up in.< img src=http://hgtvhome.sndimg.com/content/dam/images/hgtv/fullset/2018/5/BP_HHMTN201_Hurt_hosts-and-homeowners_291257_1107985cr_4x3.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.616.462.suffix/1515185420986.jpeg data-type=launch-gallery-modal > Ben and Erin with brand-new Laurel citizens, Jim and Mackenzie Hurt Ben and Erin with brand-new Laurel residents, Jim and Mackenzie Hurt In particular, Mackenzie would like for the cooking area to consist of one very particular function– a banquette bench seat. That component is something that she feels a strong affinity with as a

example that will revive warm memories of her youth.

, Ben, with his creative woodworking prowess, is exactly the individual who can make that occur. Ben creates an unique custom-made design for the banquette and coordinates the materials to tie in with new butcher block counter tops being set up in the kitchen.Every decision I have actually made in this home is being driven by my desire to make sure that this is the solution for homesickness. I desire this home to be the remedy for that. Erin Napier And Ben’s woodworking chops been available in convenient in another unique function as well. The 1920s Artisan design house that Jim and Mackenzie settle upon

, with its traditional front deck, practically sobs out for a porch swing. Not material with just your average deck swing, Ben gets motivated to develop something special that’s

still in keeping with

the duration aesthetic of the house. He uses reclaimed tongue-and-groove pine lumber, restored from one of the walls demoed in the home interior, to fashion a set of custom-made made chair swings– 2 specific chairs suspended side-by side– rather than the standard bench style swing. The 24-inch-wide chairs, with curved seats, are similar to Adirondack chairs however in the guise of a swing.< img src=http://hgtvhome.sndimg.com/content/dam/images/hgtv/fullset/2017/12/18/1/BP_HHMTN201_Hurt_home-exterior_detail_porch-swings_291257_1107953.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.616.411.suffix/1513609228060.jpeg data-type=launch-gallery-modal > From: House Town and Banquette Dreams Erin and friend Mallorie have a task of their own in the refurbished living room. Lovely integrated bookshelves, flanking a cased opening in between the living-room and adjacent space, get customized slightly to provide them an appearance better to a Craftsman style home. Then Erin lines the back of the shelves with patterned wallpaper, applied with precise information and symmetry, for a striking and gorgeous impact.”I’m

in love with this

chinoiserie wallpaper,”said Erin,”