Should I Clean Or Replace My HVAC Air Ducts


Clean air ducts can greatly reduce airborne dust and particles in your home.  Many people don’t realize it, but indoor air quality is usually much poorer than the outdoors.

When is the last time your cleaned your HVAC air ducts?  Depending on the type of duct system you have, cleaning your air ducts can either be a simple process or a major pain in the rear.

Traditional sheet metal air ducts can be easily cleaned, while flexible fiberglass air ducts and fiberboard air ducts can be more difficult to clean, if not impossible.

The first step is to know what type of air duct system you have, that will usually dictate the ease of cleaning them.  The next thing is how old is your ductwork?  If your ductwork is 20+ years old, you may want to have it inspected for leaks, grime, mold, etc.  If your ducts are in bad shape, you may want to consider replacing them if access is not an issue.

Lloyd HVAC, a ductwork installation company in Toronto, says that flexible ductwork is the easiest to replace but is also the most difficult to clean.  They say if your ductwork has cracks or breaks in the seam, you could be losing lots of heating and cooling, leading to poor air quality and higher energy bills.  Most HVAC companies will come and offer a free inspection and estimate and let you know if your ductwork needs to be cleaned or should be replaced.  Just be sure the HVAC contractor is reputable and belongs to the appropriate associations.

So no matter what choice you make, ensuring that your HVAC ductwork is clean and working properly is vital to lower energy bills and a comfortable indoor environment all year long.  Below is a neat little infographic and explains the benefits of keeping your ductwork clean.

Air Duct Cleaning



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