Wanting to redecorate your home and give it a cool refresh is a popular wish. The truth is out interiors need a small change now and then. Maybe your living room feels a bit dark or your bedroom needs new hairstyles and wardrobes.

Getting interior design help with an expert is ideal, however, for those on a budget who want simple and quick touches, here is a list of ten interior decorating ideas to refresh your space.

1.Make a Light Switch in The Living Room

lighting interior design

Living rooms are the center of home interior design where details define your style. One quick way to refresh your living room is to switch your current lamps for new ones. You can make a color statement with a floor lamp or a bold base.

2. Liven Things Up With Botanicals

Using fresh flowers or greenery to bring the outdoors in is one of the simplest home updates. There is no better way to brighten your living room or kitchen than with fresh flowers or plants.

3. Change the Headboard in Your Bedroom

bedroom decor

One of the simplest ways to fresh your bedroom design is by changing the current headboard. Adding a new paint color on your current headboard will offer contrast against the decorations and the wall and will introduce another palette.

4. Style the Surface

You can update the look and feel of your home by changing the styling in your accent tables, coffee table, countertops, shelves, and mantel. The best part is that you can use items that you already have on hand. You can move things around or bring in new decorations from another part of your apartment/house.

5. Get a Floor Rug

Rugs have a double function. Not only are they a functional piece of home decor but they are also a contributor to the overall aesthetic of your home. The ideal rug can create a bold statement without being permanent. Take measurements before buying a rug and make sure it suits your style.

6. Pile On The Bed Pillows

You can easily add a fresh look to your chairs, couch or bed by adding new pillows. If your budget doesn’t allow to buy new pillows you can rearrange the ones you already have. If you have too many pillows, you can buy just pillow covers and use the inserts from pillows you already have.

7. Welcome with New Piece of Art

Art decor

A picture says a thousand words. With that being said, what your entry picture could say? Joy, adventure, coziness. Whether or a large framed photographed galley or canvas, art in the entry sets the style of your home.

8. Mix-match Dining Sitting

There is no need to invest in a new table. All you need to do is add in new seating or mix and match the current chairs for creating an even better impact. A round table is perfect for placing different styled chairs while a rectangular table is great for the chair and bench combo.

9. Less is More

Simplicity and soft minimalism are growing in popularity. Use this opportunity to refresh your home by removing outdated and unnecessary items. You will get more space and new design points.

10. Add New Towels to The Bathroom

Bathrooms are usually neutral space within your home, but by adding new towels with interesting patterns, you can inject your style into the space.

Refreshing an interior design doesn’t have to break the bank or be time-consuming. I hope these ideas will spark your creativity and give your home a boost.

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