Remodeling, redecorating, and interior design can go from a creative project to a logistical horror.

Chair measurements, paint samples, etc. it is a wonder anyone gets a project like this done without going mad.

Luckily, you can now approach your home-decor project and get everything done in no time. Now, even the most inexperienced person out there can decorate, plan, and rearrange. Tools and apps that were once available to professionals are free and take only a few minutes to use.

Here are 18 interior design apps that are super easy to use and will get the job done with a fraction of the hassle.

1.Floor Plan Creator

Time to do the floors but you are too scared to start because it takes too much time to measure and plan? Not anymore!

The Floor Plan Creator app is free for all android users and allows you to create 3D floor plans. If you read the comments and reviews you will realize that the app is really useful, especially when planning what furniture will fit in the context of room dimensions.

Floor Plan Creator

2. Rooms

Rooms is free for all iOs users (if you want to upgrade to the premium version, you’ll have to pay $3). The app offers an easy way to play with virtual room ideas. You can enter the dimensions of your room and try various room planning ideas by changing wall colors and flooring, flipping furniture, and altering the scale of products to see how everything will look.

According to users’ reviews, the app is super easy to use. It is perfect for both inexperienced DIYers and professional interior designers.

3. Amikasa

Amikasa is an award-winning application for both Android and iOs and it is receiving incredible reviews for its pleasing interface. The app allows users to design room layouts using furniture and home decor from real brands.

Another great thing about this app is the walk-through mode. This cool feature allows users to take a virtual tour of their newly created designs to get a feel for the layout of the room, as well as, the overall design. You can share your designs via social media for advice.

4. Morpholio Boardpro

This is one of the most interior design apps for iPhone and iPad and is every designer’s dream. When using Morpholio Boardpro, you can make collections of your favorite furniture, design mood boards, sync with your Pinterest account, and much more.

It is a must-try home-design out and is highly recommended for anyone starting out on redecoration, big renovation or rejuvenation project.

You can also use Morpholio Boardpro to take color codes from your iPad and iPhone camera. With these codes, you can create color renderings that respond to lighting conditions and show how colors will look in various situations. With a next-gen tech and sleek interface, this is a great app for a professional interior designer.

The app is free to download but if you want full access, the price is $3.99 for one month or $11.99 for one year.

5. Pottery Barn Design Tool

If professional tools and unlimited options are too much for you, we have a simple app from Pottery Barn that allows you to make 3D renderings using Pottery Barn’s inventory.

Although their selection is limited, which makes it ideal for casual browsers. Also, if you like how things look, you can purchase the items right away.

The app is free to use, but you have to create a Pottery Barn account.

We hope you find some inspiration in these five apps and dive into decorating your dream home.

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