Creating an interior design website for your company can be overwhelming, especially now that the industry is overcrowded.

As many other interior designers out there you are looking for a way to stand out.

We have broken down the main aspects of SEO or Search Engine Optimization and how you can implement these effective strategies into your website design and marketing plan.

1.One-Page Optimization

Creating an on-page optimization plan for your website is important. On-page optimization consists of creating a custom title and meta description tags.

Creating such tags will provide search engines with a unique verification on what your page is about. That is not all. It is also what visitors and potential clients see online when browsing.

For example, if someone searches “interior designers near me” the first website to show up in the search results is the most relevant to the search due to the content of the page.

If your title and meta description are rightly optimized, chances are your CRT (click-through-rate) is going to increase.

When creating a custom title and tags for your website, you need to have a business name, target proper keywords (keywords included in title and description), user-read friendly, and call to action.

Including keywords in your title and meta description is the most important part. Add your business name in an easy-to-read form. Having memorable title and description tags is absolutely necessary. Even though content is king, it is important your title tags be relevant to your company and the services you offer. Where is a call-to-action in your descriptions, it reminds the visitors to contact you, see your portfolio or share some of your blog posts.

2. Image Optimization

Optimizing your images is vital. Interior design websites get a lot of visitors through image networking. When image testimonials are spread online, all across Google, it is more likely that customers will come across the image and redirect to your site for additional inquiries.

3. Content-Is-King

Businesses that create unique content have an advantage over other websites. There is nothing like original content, believe me. Unique content makes a difference in keyword ranking, as well as, building quality backlinks.

Remember, the more channels customers have to find you, the better off your website is.

Blog content helps your business presence to expand and create huge leads. Writing blogs related to your business will help you to rank for medium, as well as, long-tail keywords which have significant traffic.

Creating content is achieving its maximum potential when quality and consistency are present. For example, successful businesses have daily or weekly blogs.

4. Local Directory Optimization

Building an online presence is important. Another important thing is creating local directories for your business. The most popular are Google My Business and Yelp. Remember that the more you submit the better results will be.

5. Implementing Social Media

Social Media is becoming more and more popular. As a matter of fact, almost 50% of interior design businesses get their clients from Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. Posting and staying active on social media is important to keep an online presence.

Did you know that social media marketing can increase sales by 50% if done right? There are a lot of potential customers on social media if you post the right image at the right time. Remember, it is all about making an impression.

Social media is all about staying active and communicating with your followers. Using a reliable platform, where posting and promoting your website is important and could change your presence, as well as, your business atmosphere forever.

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