The interior design industry is oversaturated nowadays, making it really hard to stand out. You have to find a way to create a great first impression and attract new potential clients. But how?

Here are 6 steps that will make sure your new interior design website is successful:

1.Invest In a Professional Photographer

You can’t launch a successful website if you don’t have any photos to show off your projects. Don’t rely on taking photos by yourself unless you are confident in this area. It is best to hire a professional photographer to capture finished projects.

Professional photographers know all of the angles to shoot it and they will be able to edit the photos to make your work look stunning.

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2. Know Your Ideal Audience

Your website should help you attract more customers. In order to build a successful website, you have to have a clear vision of who your ideal audience is. Without this, you will not be able to prove that you are the right person for the job.

It is also important to know your brand values and share those values through the design of your website.

Stick to your guns people. If you know your brand and your clients it will be easier to brand yourself visually in a way that will attract those people.

3. Hire a Graphic Designer

When building a website, you have two options – you can build the website yourself by using a website builder or you can hire a graphic designer.

Creating a website is easy, however, if you want to achieve success and look more professional, it is recommendable to hire a graphic designer. Find a designer who can understand your point of view. When you have a strong connection with your designer, it makes it easy to design an authentic website.

4. A Blog Page

This is how interior designers capture the interest of the people. A blog page is concerned with promoting your expertise in words and a few images, infographics or videos. Designers usually post “how-to” articles, tips and tricks to keep readers informed and also show they know their industry well.

One great example is Avery Cox Design’s website.

5. Add Social Media Links

Having social media pages is important for capturing the attention of your clients. The social media links (from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc.) should be included for easy navigation from the website and social media networks.

With social links, readers can share posts with their followers, giving you optimal exposure.

6. Press & Testimonials

If you want to get clients fast and run a successful interior design business online, adding testimonials to your site is the way to do it. If a potential client sees what your existing clientele has to say about your work, they will be convinced to buy your service.

Think of testimonials as mild portfolios. For example, if ten people comment on your service, it means you have worked on ten projects. Some designers prefer having both a gallery and testimonials because you know what they say – “seeing is believing”.

One great example is Heather Garrett Interior Design’s website.

A good website is a great way to show brand competence, as well as, integrity. Trust is how you grow your audience and secure new clients at the same time.

Right when someone visits your website, judgments are formed based on small details. Fonts, brand marks, image style, color palette, and tone of voice may impact on how your website is perceived.

By following these six pro tips, you will be able to build and launch a successful interior design website.

Good luck!

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