Inspirational Interior Design Websites to Check Out

You want to create your own interior design websites but don’t know where to start? You are not the only one.

Sometimes all you need is an inspiration.

Interior design is about bringing coherence to space, similar to web design. Many of the principles of interior design can be found within uniquely designed websites.

Here are seven amazing interior design websites that will inspire you and encourage you to create your own interior design site.


Ver Designs

Var Designs is an interior design and merchandising company based in California. They work on project management, commercial spaces, architecture critique, etc.

Their website is built with WordPress by using the Archi Child template. It is simple, elegant, and modern. You can easily find what you are looking for which is very important for today’s online searchers and potential clients.


Hart Howerton

Hart Howerton is a global network of designers including interior designers and architects. Their main hubs are located in San Francisco and New York. What is unique about this company is that they handle each job as a place and not as a project.

Their website is built with WordPress using the Hart Howerton template. You will notice beautiful photography which is important if you want to capture the visitor’s attention. Your website should have plenty of white space to showcase big and high-quality photography.



Blackhaus is a company that offers various services from architectural visualization to interior design. They have close business relationships with big names in the interior design industry, located all over the world.

Their incredible website is built with Squarespace using the Adversary template. The projects are excellently organized and contacting them is as simple as one click. If you want your visitors to take an action and get in touch with you, make that as simple as possible, just like Blackhaus did.


Auriga Studio

This company is successful thanks to Joshua Harrison. Joshua is the brain behind this incredible company. He is a boutique designer and works around the world at resorts, spas, and estates.

He has a unique style and he always collaborates with local designers.

The website is built with Weebly using an unknown theme.



WCA or West Chin Architects and Interior Designers are located in New York and East Hampton.

The website is built with the Squarespace website builder using the Wells template. You can check out their high-end projects on the website. You will read that they have been recognized for a few different awards in their field.


Jacobs Ladder Design

From the beautiful website, you will realize that the creator of the company – Tammy Jacobs has always had a love for unique design and decoration. You can check here shop and buy incredible items that will add special touches to your space.

Tammy can also design items for you which is clearly described in one of the pages.

The website is built with GoDaddy using an unknown theme.


Sean Michael Design

Sean Cowen started this company in 2007. What’s incredible about this company is that they design spaces that aren’t overly modern or trendy but functional and meant to last for years. Sean has been featured in many design magazines for his authentic looks.

The website is built using the Weebly website builder. The theme is unknown.

Inspired yet?

Take a look at these incredible websites, their design, the content, and the photography used. You will find your inspiration and be able to build an even more beautiful website representing your company and your professional interior design abilities.

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