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We may be a few months into 2019, however, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t redecorate or take into consideration the current trends.

In this article, we will discuss some of the biggest trends (trends that will define the rest of the year) and trends that are here to stay. From vintage decorations to classic products, these are the trends you will see everywhere in 2019. Read more about Creative Wallpaper Ideas

1.Line Drawings

If you want to add more personality and style in your home, one of the most popular interior design trends for 2019 will do just that. Visually interesting and at the same time easy on the eye, line drawings can be found in any iteration.

From shower curtains to plates and rugs, you will have no problem finding accessories and decorations that boost a playful feel without sacrificing elegance and sophistication. Also, when it comes to interior design trends, line drawings won’t end up costing you a fortune since you can bring them in small doses.

2. Concrete Furnishings

There is no denying the amazing and cool allure of concrete furnishings, especially if your goal is to enjoy a modern and minimal home.

Interior design trends for 2019 call for concrete tables that will lend any room (living room or bedroom) a rugged sense of sophistication. What is even more important – they will never go out of style.

Keep in mind that concrete furnishings can be super heavy and difficult to move around. This can be risky if you have seniors or children in your house.

3. Welcome the Art Deco Style

We can notice that Art Deco is making a comeback this year. The incredible details this style is known for, for example, hypnotizing geometric patterns, velvet, rich colors, and more are popping everywhere we go. After years of mid-century dominating the interior design space, this is a new positive change.

4. Desert Inspiration

Will you agree that there is something inspiring and magical about desert decor? You have to agree because this is the new trend for 2019. The Southwest-inspired designs are so popular right now and they are dominating the market.

If you are one of those people who love the combination of terra cotta colors and burnt oranges with turquoise, you are going to fall in love with this style.

5. Yellow Everywhere

Pinterest predicted that yellow would be a huge hit in 2019 and we couldn’t agree more. Yup, yellow is everywhere and we can’t get enough of it. From rich mustards to mellow pastels, yellow has graced catwalks, homes, and high streets for months now and there is no sign of slowing down.

6. Stock Up on Velvet

Velvet has been back for a few months now. Durable and tactile with a scent of decadence, the texture will turn your living room, guest room or bedroom from boring and simple room to fabulous space. It brings a touch of sophistication and glamor to the home and it can be found in every color possible. What do you think? Will you try some fun pastel velvet decorations?

7. Let’s Get All Leafy

Floras and plants are always popular, however, this year the look has taken on a new level. From tropical foliage to garden prints, we are all going green in 2019. This design is suitable for all seasons and the prints take the summer and spring vibe out of florals. Your home will look fresh and clean all year long.

Successfully decorating your home to a certain style is about adding small touches of it into every room. Take our tips and stick to adding personal touches into your current design.

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