Rooms With Designer Wallpaper

Dating as far back as the 1400s, wall coverings have a long history. From tapestries, they evolved into modern textured and designer wallpaper.

Although it was considered background rather than foreground decor, wallpapers have always played an important role in improving the interior design and home decor.

Today, there are endless options when it comes to wallpapers. The choice of designer wallpaper and the way it is used impacts the decorative scheme.

Now that the wallpaper is back in fashion, you can use it to quickly revamp a room. Here are some of the best ways wall covering improves any room design.

1.Invites Accent Walls

When it comes to improving a room design, accent walls play an important role. If you offer an extra layer of color and pattern wallpaper, you will get a beautiful design that will wow your guests. Textured wall coverings go above and beyond with extra design element used.

If you are feeling bold, we have a great suggestion for you. Why not wallpaper the fifth wall – the ceiling? This can be just the perfect thing to change the look and feel of your space.

2. Acts as Art

Designer wall coverings can act as a unique work of art. If you are feeling artistic, you may try something different this time and bring a room design to life. Whether covering an entire wall or maybe frame in a few pieces, this is a great way to add a room design with one-of-a-kind decorative beauty.

You may even customize your wall in both paper and color with textured and paintable wallpaper.

3. Adds Style

While wall colors create an atmosphere and encourage mood, interior design wallpaper does this a little bit differently. It offers a direction towards a specific style. For example, a damask print excellently expresses a traditional bedroom.

Whether subtle or bold, design wallpaper is sure to add style.

There is a small New York design studio where you can see a beautiful forest mural. It is a great way where a wallpaper expands space in a unique way.

design wallpaper is sure to add style

4. Dictates Drama

You don’t need to invest in an expensive piece of art of home decor just to make your home more dramatic. Without having to invest in overpriced lighting or art, designer wallpaper is one way to improve a room design with a wow effect. Whether a whimsical forest motive or a marbleized pattern with gold splashes, wallpaper can wake up your space through art and color.

5. Brings in Nature

Adding the natural element is not limited to adding a lovely leaf tree in the corner of your room. Luckily, we have the floral prints which can evoke a beautiful and colorful spring garden in your bedroom or living room.

You can also decorate your offer. For example, a verdant fern pattern will give your office a sense of coziness and calmness.

One popular designer wallpaper, Abigail Edwards offers incredible designs. You must check it out.

6. Cover Doors

What a great idea, right?

If you want to be creative and not overlook doors as home elements, it is good to know that they have covering potential. Why not try something different and use wallpaper on door panels. I guarantee you, you will get a unique look.

Your sliding mirrored closet doors look bit outdated? Well, don’t worry because you can also cover them with removable wallpaper.

CB2 offers some great designs and unique wallpapers. Make sure to check their website.

Inspired yet? Don’t forget to check social media (Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) for more ideas on how to improve the overall look of your rooms using designer wallpaper.

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