A lot of people think that redecorating a home is an expensive and time-consuming process. Not necessarily. With a few great tips and helpful information, you can redecorate your home in no time without breaking the bank.

For decor lovers looking to refresh the interior design, we talked to some professional interior designers about the home trends that are IN and OUT in 2019.

interior design trends

In: Simplicity (Less Is More)

Being strategic when decorating your home is a key ingredient to a beautiful, simple, and elegant design. To highlight and complement special decorative pieces, designing a foundation through timeless materials will result in a design that evokes emotions whenever you are in the room.

Get rid of all outdated and unnecessary decorations. Remember, less is more and simplicity is the ultimate way to sophistication. There is this rule among interior designers – 90% white and 10% color. Go for a more bold, fresh, and youthful look.

Out: Eclecticism

When there are too many things in a room, you can barely use the are for function. In other words, too many things, details, and decorations can create chaos.

You may see eclecticism in a lot of designs, but what interior designers don’t like is eclectic clutter on steroids. The inability to use decorative design for a function is one of the biggest drawbacks. In 2019, you can say goodbye to eclectic clutter.

In: Embrace Biophilia

There is a greater interest these couple of months in biophilia or embracing the relationship between nature and humankind. Natural and organic materials such as stone, wood floors, and plant life remind us of the outdoors and bring nature in.

We all are technology and machine-driven society but at the same time nostalgic about handiwork.

Out: Say Goodbye To Gendered Rooms

Gendered rooms are an outdated trend. According to interior designers, this trend is assigned to concepts and motives in design, for example, insecurities about macho vs girly color palettes, shapes, and textures tend to limit creative potential.

You can pick whatever color you want, there are no rules, at least not in 2019.

In: Feminine (Light) Tones

We can see three trendy colors for 2019 – dusty pink, blush, and bronze. Feminine tones, as well as, warm colors for walls with dashes of soft pink can help you refresh the overall look of your bedroom.

No more dark tones and colors. By using lighter (feminine) tones you can instantly update your old, tired room.

light tones for room deco

Out: Covering

Statement covering (especially in jewel colors) will be out in 2019. Finished should envelop the entire space and be textural and not patterned. According to interior designers, by avoiding single-piece upholstery you will get a more chic and modern look.

In: Say Hello To Memphis Design

If you are into interior design and home decor you probably know that the Memphis movement is taking mid-century modern as the color selection and furnishing of the day. Graphic shapes and primary colors haven’t been more popular, except for the 80s. Interior designers suggest to turn away from rigid and straight furniture lines and choose more curved sofas.

Out: The Typical Cafe Look

Brass pendant lighting, blush walls, and concrete flooring are great, but not all at once. You need to stay away from the typical cafe look as this look is widely circulated and it is past overdone.

We hope these tips will help you redecorate your home and turn it into a simple, modern, and functional space. If you have some more ideas or suggestions about what is IN and OUT this year, don’t hesitate to share in the comment section below.

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